What’s in preview

We are constantly improving Clear Books, and often make new features and improvements available in Preview, which allows you to get early access and to share your feedback.  


Better invoicing

Following your feedback, this preview improves invoice entry by dynamically expanding the description field based on how much you have typed. Short, medium, and long descriptions all show at their best.  Before we roll out this behaviour, please share your feedback on how well this works for you.


What’s gone live

Each month, we make enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes to Clear Books.  The following changes are available now.


Payroll Bureau

  • Added a feature to prepare a bulk CSV export of P32 data for multiple clients


  • Added a new flag in the response for listing account codes that states whether the account is hidden or not


GoCardless Integration

  • Improved the controls for editing invoices that have a pending GoCardless payment, to handle them more like paid invoices
  • Fixed an issue that caused display of an unnecessary email address field during the GoCardless integration setup


Invoices, Quotes, Bills

  • Added a feature that allows the default calculation of the due date of an invoice (or bill) to be the last day of the month.  To use this feature, access the customer (or supplier) and choose to “Edit contact”.  Under the “Customer invoice defaults” (or “Supplier invoice defaults”) select the “Default credit terms” and choose “Last day of month”.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the default values from contacts not to be used when raising invoices or bills from the contact record
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented selection of stock items when preparing an invoice
  • Improved the quotes screen to include totals [ADHOC-2640]
  • Fixed an issue that caused the due date for an invoice to not be set when adding the customer from the invoice screen
  • Fixed an issue that could cause inconsistencies in the handling of email addresses when sending invoices
  • Other small tweaks to the visual presentation of the Invoice screen



  • Improved the link on the dashboard to the VAT return to better handle the case when the “VAT return journal” toggle feature is off and the VAT return bill has been voided.  In this case the dashboard links to the VAT return instead of the bill.
  • Improved the controls around creating, managing, and deleting VAT periods and schemes
  • Improved the presentation of VAT details on PDF documents when not VAT registered and using the “Record VAT on purchases” toggle feature
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect VAT handling for invoices that were raised on VAT Flat Rate Scheme with Cash Basis, and paid under the Standard VAT Scheme with Cash Basis
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the reversal of a bill for a fixed asset when using the Flat Rate VAT Scheme



  • Improved the UX of several reports, including Stock report, Fixed assets report, Trial balance detail report, Income by customer report, and Payments by customer report


Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a £0.01 variance on multi-currency payments
  • Improved the integrity of the checks that are performed to ensure integrity in the accounting data for multi-currency transactions
  • Improved the journal import tool by providing a template CSV import file
  • Improved the dividends report to ensure consistency in the colours that are applied to positive and negative numbers
  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistencies in the pagination controller for bills by supplier
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed creation of account codes without an account type
  • Improved the ability to edit some information on paid refunds

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing