Clear Books CEO and founder Tim Fouracre is featured in the June edition of ICAEW’s ‘Economia’ magazine.

The feature, by Xenia Taliotis, focuses on a group of entrepreneurs who have used their accounting training and background to build a successful business. As Taliotis notes, ‘behind every great entrepreneur is a great accountant’ and the article focuses on a select few who have transferred the skills learnt in practice to their own business in other industries.

Tim shares his experiences of training as an accountant as well as describing the creation and growth of Clear Books as a business, including our recent successful cloud funding share offer. When asked about useful business skills he learned as an accountant, Tim says:

“To run a successful business you need to be a good strategist. Most people know where they want to go but only the successful ones know how to get there…That’s one of the most valuable skills accountancy teaches you – you’re always working out the best and most efficient way of achieving your aims.”

You can read more from Tim and the other entrepreneurs featured in an online version of the full article here.

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing