Clear Books just got faster

Here at Clear Books, we are passionate about creating the best accounting experience for you. We want using Clear Books to be a simple process for you so that you can get on with running your business, being your own boss and living your dream.

With this in mind we wanted to speed up our software and we are thrilled to announce that a faster Clear Books has landed.

What we’ve done so far to achieve lightning speeds

Our product team have been working intensively since the new year, researching and implementing a variety of ways to improve our site speed. Below are just some of the things we’ve changed to date:

  • Identified and removed unnecessary JavaScript files
  • Added more caching which gives us the ability to deliver a webpage with a super-fast response time, without having to do all the time-consuming processing, every time the page loads
  • Sped up your dashboard widgets
  • Moved to the super speedy PHP 7 which has boosted speeds by up to 30%

The team will continue to monitor page load times and keep on improving performance as we work through our roadmap.

We hope you enjoy your faster Clear Books experience.

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing