We received a phone call before the Christmas break from one of our customers. He wanted to know if the Clear Books team would be interested in welcoming his daughter on board for a week’s work experience. “Clear Books looks like a great place to work” he said. “We’d love an extra pair of hands to help us on the marketing team” I replied.

So last week we had the lovely University of Manchester student,  Lindsey Briggs,  help us out for the week! And a great help she was. Here’s what she got up too…

“I was welcomed into the Clear Books offices with great warmth and enthusiasm. This helped me to settle in quickly and have a comfortable and enjoyable week of work experience.

I began by researching about small businesses and factors to do with their start up, benefits of management and  some problems that are encountered. By doing this, it became clear about the benefits Clear Books provides to companies. I was therefore able to fully appreciate the business I was working with.

I researched into affiliate networks and how they work. I was then able to contact those companies on behalf of the marketing team. It was really exciting to receive replies and deal with the information they provide. This will hopefully go towards helping the Clear Books affiliate network.

A really fun task I was able to get involved in was updating the Clear Books timeline. It was great to understand the history of Clear Books and understand what’s been happening throughout the past year both in and out of the office. It was also an opportunity for me to meet all of the team, and it was great to engage with such a lovely group of staff.

I proceeded to do some marketing work. I created a few marketing campaigns such as ones to do with cloud accessibility and the ease of use, that Clear Books provides. Then it was time to get creative and develop some fun competitions. I came up with a few suggestions, one of which will be used for the Clear Books community drinks event that is being planned for 28th Feb.

I have had a busy, yet thoroughly enjoyable week working at Clear Books. I have discovered a lot and acquired many skills and insights. It really has been a rewarding and beneficial experience. A massive thank you to everyone at Clear Books for providing me with this wonderful opportunity!”




Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing