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15Nov 13

Thanks ICB – your bookkeepers are fantastic!

Thanks ICB - your bookkeepers

Yesterday, Clear Books marketing girls Lizzie and Tara set of  to the rather stylish Pullman’s Hotel in London Euston to exhibit at the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB) Bookkeepers Summit. It was our first opportunity to showcase our brand spanking new marketing stands, thanks to our recent investment. Never mind the early start, on-tap presenting and manual labour,  it was all worth it!

The ICB has been established for 17 years now and was created to support bookkeepers, and boy, did this event expose the community spirit in all it’s glory. Bookkeepers were tantalised with some top industry speakers, including previous winner of the BBC’s Apprentice, Yasmina Siadatan.

It was a real treat to meet ICB members and the awesome ICB team, who are fresh with enthusiasm and clearly love what they do! We felt truly welcome, and now have the exciting task of following up with over 150 bookkeepers next week…

If you’re a small business and would like to get in touch with a bookkeeper in your area please do send an email to so we can help find the right person for you.

If you’re a bookkeeper or thinking of becoming one, for help and advice see the ICB’s website

  • jordan

    Please can someone help me log in to my account?? the forgot password does not work. My account is pre-2013. I am unsure how else to get in touch with you guys??

    • Lizzie Fouracre

      Hi Jordan,

      If you select the ‘Need help’ link in the top right hand corner of your Clear Books account, there is an option to ‘Contact support’. That option will allow you to submit you query through to our support team, who are very quick in getting back to people! I’m sure someone will be able to help you asap.

      Many thanks!


      • jordan

        Lizzie thank you for your response, I know it is not your responsibility so I appreciate your efforts.

        The issue I am having is that I am unable to login to my account therefore the “need help” is not visible to me. If you would be so kind as to message support for me this would really help. When I am logged out of the system there does not look to be anyway of getting in touch with them

        Thank you

        • Lizzie Fouracre

          Hi Jordan!

          It’s no trouble.

          A support team agent has fixed that problem for you. Check your inbox for an email from Michael :)


          • jordan

            Thanks :-)

            upbeat agency

            I need my password as the forgot password did not work. Thanks

          • Lizzie Fouracre

            Hi Joran,

            This has now been resolved. If you look out from an email from my colleague Michael!

            Warm regards,


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