Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or larger corporation, hiring an accountant is a clever way to manage your finances. This is due to the considerable amounts of experience qualified accountants will have, and the valuable knowledge they can pass to you to help your business succeed.

Here’s a list of the top 5 benefits of employing an accountant:

1. An accountant can help you save time completing complicated forms.


Although as a small business owner you could probably do this alone, it’s still important to ensure you’re filling these forms out correctly and on time. If you don’t, HMRC can impose serious fines on you.

2. An accountant can give you advice to help you grow your business.


Accountants can advise you on making sensible financial and managerial decisions early on in your business. They can also perform reviews to help you discover ways to run your business more efficiently.

3. An accountant can help you save money in the long run

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Whilst all businesses have bills to pay, an accountant can assess how your business is being run and where you are spending money to help you keep those costs at a minimum. An experienced accountant will also help you understand tax laws, and help you file your taxes to ensure that you are in compliance with these laws to avoid problems arising in the future.

4. An accountant can help you network with others in your industry


As most qualified accountants have a large number of business customers,    this opens up the possibility of networking with others in your industry. The networking could potentially benefit your business as others could offer you valuable advice, a possible joint venture, or even an increase in business confidence — you just never know!

5. An accountant can help you put a solid business plan in place


Not only can an accountant help you conceive a foolproof plan in the early days of your business, determining what you can afford and how to register your business with HMRC, they can also help your business to plan for the future.


If you’re struggling to choose an accountant, we’ve created a list of 5 accountants that can help your business grow. Or, you can use our accountant directory Find UK Accountant to locate one in your local area.

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