Running a business of any size it bound to have its difficult points. Be it that you’re struggling to get to grips with employment law, or that you’re spending a lot of your time looking for more spacious office spaces. Whatever it may be that you’re having a hard time with, and regardless of your business size and type, there are always things you can do to give yourself a helping hand.

One of the wisest things you can do as a business owner is to hire a bookkeeper. When it comes to doing things by yourself, bookkeeping proves to be a difficult task. However, not everyone is so keen to hire a bookkeeper thanks to a set of totally false myths and misconceptions that seem to make themselves known. We’re here to dispel some of those myths, beginning with one of the most common…


Only big businesses need help from a bookkeeper

If anything, the opposite is closer to the truth.  Any good bookkeeper will be happy to help a business of any size. Smaller businesses may even find that they further benefit from hiring a bookkeeper, as you will then have much more spare time to carry on with the important aspects of getting your business off the ground.


My business doesn’t make enough money to hire a bookkeeper

Again, another common myth. There are bookkeepers out there suitable for every need and budget, although we do recommend doing a fair bit of research, first.

Look at it like this; the amount of money you could save – or even make – by ensuring that the time you could spend doing bookkeeping is instead spent doing task that are beneficial to your business is tremendous.


Bookkeeping is just about maths

Oh, if only. In reality, bookkeeping involves dozens of different tasks – anything from organising paperwork, to analysing accounts, to offering advice regarding insurance.

Bookkeepers can also help with communication a fair amount, meaning there are many different ways in which they can help to save you time and money in the long run.


Anyone can do my bookkeeping

It’s wise to seek a professional bookkeeper for your business, as failure to do so could result in financial loss, disorganised paperwork, or paying more for an insurance policy or another financial service than you actually need.

Bookkeepers go through many years of training and gaining qualifications before they can truly call themselves professional bookkeepers. These qualifications and years of experience are key for one to correctly understand transactions, collate and analyse accounts, and to organise all of your important paperwork without error.


“I’ve been okay so far, I don’t need a bookkeeper”

Your time running a business may have been fairly smooth sailing so far, but that doesn’t mean to say that it will be the same in the future.  Whatever industry you are in, its highly likely that there will be changes within it – either positive or negative.

Either way, it’s always best to be prepared.  Hiring a bookkeeper can help your business to get ahead in the future – be it that they help you to organise important paperwork ahead of a big surprise inspection, give you more information surrounding insurance policies, or that they assist in keeping track of your bank account should you decide to open a separate one for your business.

We think it’s plain to see that the myths surrounding bookkeeping are just that – myths. Even if you really feel as though hiring one won’t be much good to you right now, the benefits really do outweigh the costs. We really think it’s worth it, for the sake of your business.

If you require further information surrounding bookkeepers and what they do, contact the International Association of Bookkeepers. If you would like to hire a Bookkeeper, get in touch with by emailing

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing