Our GoCardless integration automates the process of setting up direct debit mandates with your customers.  This feature simplifies the process of getting your customers to pay on time, and from 2nd November 2016 we will be making the process even simpler.

One of the problems we found with our current mandate creation process is that when trying to collect an invoice which was greater than the mandate limit for the month you had to do this outside the direct debit process.

In working with GoCardless we have made the change that all mandates created after 2nd November 2016 will have their limit increased to £5,000.

Any mandates created before this will not change, they will continue to have the recurring limit that was set when the mandate was created.  If you wish to make use of a higher limit with older customers, you will need to set up a new mandate with them by following the new pre-authorisation process.


If you want to contact the support team with any questions, you can email support@clearbooks.co.uk

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing