Clear Books has noticed that there are no social events for sole practitioners to get together for after-work drinks or to simply mingle with other accountant types. So Clear Books has put one (and there will be many to follow) in the calendar.

Tick and Bash is a new quarterly event held for sole practitioners and startup accountants, hosted at only the best London locations. There are no sales pitches, no key notes and certainly no pressure to buy…anything! In fact, we’ll even get you some drinks!

So if you’re an accountant looking for a great evening event, find out more and register your details to attend by heading to the following website:

Whether you use Clear Books or not we’d love to welcome you to Tick and Bash. Lets build an awesome community for the sole practitioners of this country!

Go on. Let your hair down.


Posted by Tara Cooper

Tara is the Clear Books Account Management team leader who spends her time talking to Clear Books Partners and meeting them at fun events. She likes Clear Books because she gets to wear Ugg boots every day and play pool in the office on Fridays! When outside of the office she can be found in the park with her dogs or the pub with friends.

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