We sat down with one of our accounting partners, Katrine L Richardson from Metric Accountants, to find out what it is she likes about cloud accounting and Clear Books.

My name is Katrine, I am one of the directors and founders of Metric Accountants. Metric Accountants have been up and running for about four and a half years now.

Who would you describe as your ideal client?

Metric Accountants’ ideal client would be an innovative company, a company that has high ambitions and wants to grow their business. It is a company that normally would require a little bit more added value services.

What did you use before you found Clear Books?

Before, you either used excel spreadsheets, or you went on to use a full bookkeeping system, one of the traditional ones. The traditional ones were quite hard to understand, they weren’t very easy, they were big and you had to have modules. What the online bookkeeping systems like Clear Books have done is matched a bookkeeping system with a management reporting system. So for small businesses, it is brilliant because you have everything in one system, you don’t have to buy and purchase extra modules, and it is easy to understand.

How has Clear Books helped you and your practice?

One thing I really like about Clear Books is their reports. I have found the reports to be well laid out and they are quite easy to use and there is quite a lot of them. Having the bank import feed straight into the system is brilliant, because it makes it much easier, rather than having to chase clients for their bank statements in CSV format, and just having it there, that’s really good. I like how Clear Books is set up.

Would you recommend Clear Books to other accountants?

I would recommend Clear Books because it’s a fantastic tool and easy to use, so you can easily import bank statements and stay on top of your finances. You can see your sales and costs – not just your turnover – in one place and you can follow your profits. If you want to make the right decisions for your business you need to know how your business is doing.


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Posted by Darren Taylor

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