Who are you?

Hi, I’m Vanish and I’m a customer support analyst at Clear Books.

What does your role at Clear Books entail?

Being a customer support analyst involves various types of problem solving for different customers. This includes the different apps we have such as Accounts and Open Payroll, as well as accounting questions on issues such as VAT.

What’s the most commonly asked question this month and what’s the answer?

“How can I submit a VAT return via Clear Books?“

If you’re a new customer, I’d recommend reading this guide. It can take some time to read but it’s worth it as you can then submit your own returns:

Submit a VAT return

Once this has been completed, navigate to Reports > Tax > VAT Return to get started in making your VAT returns. Remember to reconcile the report to prevent hassle from HMRC!

In your opinion, what is the best time-saving Clear Books feature?

The integration with Open Payroll is the best feature. This allows you to import processed payroll into the Accounts module without manually creating the bills. The system matches your employee bills and your HMRC bill to the correct account codes. This will get you ready to allocate against your bank imports.

What apps and tools can’t you live without and why?

I would have to say Lightshot. This is a screenshot tool which allows you to create images and save them to the internet or your hard drive. I use it on a daily basis for support tasks and for making screenshots. I would highly recommend it.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Make sure you manage your time correctly. If you don’t, it can cause issues further down the line. This advice has helped me greatly in the past and now.

What are the positive changes you can see within Clear Books in the upcoming 12 months?

The biggest change I can see in the future is Final Accounts. This is an app that will allow Clear Books accountants to create an iXBRL documents to submit to HMRC and Companies House for annual corporate tax returns. This will save accountants and businesses a great deal of time when they have to submit their yearly corporation tax.

There is also going to be a self-employed SA100 tax return app which will allow accountants to submit self-employed returns.

Current Clear Books accountant partners can try both of these apps for free in our Labs area. Sign in to your account and choose Labs from the ‘More’ option in the top left corner of the page.

When you’re not working at Clear Books, what do you enjoy doing?

Socialising with friends, keeping up with the stock markets (go FTSE!) and playing role-playing video games.


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Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing