We were delighted to see one of our key accounting partners, Roger Moore, mentioning Clear Books in the latest edition of ICAEW’s ‘Economia’ magazine.

Roger, from Beaufort Chancery Chartered Accountants, is featured heavily in the article titled ‘Keep them Sweet’. The article discusses the importance of providing clients with extra incentives, such as new technology – including cloud software. This makes it easier for clients to run their business, and enables Roger to both win new clients and offer a greater service for existing ones.

“We let clients know that if they can download their bank statements once a month and send them to us, we will then input it and post it to Clear Books, and most of the entries can be dealt with and reconciled doing that.”

To read the full Economia article, click here. Why not also visit the Beaufort Chancery website or take a look at the Clear Books accountant directory.

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing