As Clear Books continues to develop and innovate, we’re always looking to improve the experience for our users which is why we’ve decided to make our interface wider.

Previously we used a width of 960px as a standard to fit the smallest of desktop screens, but as a large majority of our users work with wider screens it makes sense to accommodate their viewing platform. Therefore we’ve decided to make all our apps wider, meaning that those with larger screens will benefit from a widened view. Don’t worry if you have a smaller screen – the applications will still be compatible at the previous width and will only expand if you have a larger screen.

We’ve decided to do this as it makes Clear Books applications significantly easier to interact with and more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, our applications make significant use of tables to contain your data – by widening the screen your data is clearer to see.

We’ve been testing this for a few weeks now and will be launching for all users on Monday 12th May. If you have any queries about this change, please feel free to add a comment below.

Posted by David Eaton

David is a Chartered Accountant and Director of SME Strategies ( which offers tailored support to ambitious SMEs and gives mentoring to owner managers.