We’ve now released the 7th and final stage of our auto enrolment features for Clear Books Payroll!

Below you can see what’s included in the stage 7 release, and at the bottom of the page we’ve linked to details of all the previous 6 feature releases.

Which auto enrolment features are available as part of the stage 7 release?

Improved wording of ‘Assess the workforce’  report comments

We’ve made it clearer how the earnings are worked out on the Assess the workforce report, with it being based either on previous RRP or on annual earnings.

User experience improvements to Clear Books Payroll

  • The drop-down menu options on reports will only show those options that are relevant to you.
  • The options for Payroll frequency will reflect those you have turned on or off in the Settings tab at the top of the Payroll application.
  • The options on the View by tax year drop down will only include the tax years that you have used Payroll in.

AE 7 drop down

  • The Worker category field on the Employee page will now automatically update directly from the results of the Assess the workforce report. The Worker category field will  also be read-only.
  • Currency displayed in reports will now always be set to 2 decimal places.


Previous releases

Click on each link to see detailed information about the features we’ve released already.


Posted by Darren Taylor

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