As a small business, Clear Books knows just how many things there are to think about to drive things forward: marketing, office management, HR, SEO, excellent customer service…the list goes on!

In our quest to go that extra mile for small businesses, we’ve decided we would like to offer you some help – so you don’t have to go out on the hunt for it. We will be hosting a series of online seminars over the coming months bringing you advice for your business. What’s more – they’re absolutely are free!

For our first session we will be exploring the world of Social Media, more specifically, Twitter. If you are reluctant to start tweeting, or aren’t convinced it will actually have any impact on your business then this session will show you just how powerful this FREE tool can be, and why you should get involved.

We are fortunate enough to have the brilliant Elaine Clark host this session sharing her first hand experience with Twitter, and explore how it’s played a vital role in the growth of her business.

Elaine founded Cheap Accounting in 2007 and just some of her successes include: turning her business model into a Franchise, winning the Woman in Finance Award and featuring regularly as a panelist on Radio 4 Money Box.

We’ll be hosting two sessions on the 1st May, simply click on the time that suits you below to register for the event:



If you can’t make either time we will be recording it but there will be Q&A during the session which will help shape the hour, so do try and come along.

We hope you enjoy it, and watch this space for our other small business online seminars!


Posted by Tara Cooper

Tara is the Clear Books Account Management team leader who spends her time talking to Clear Books Partners and meeting them at fun events. She likes Clear Books because she gets to wear Ugg boots every day and play pool in the office on Fridays! When outside of the office she can be found in the park with her dogs or the pub with friends.

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