After a month of unpredictable and exciting football, the World Cup has finished. Here at Clear Books, the team took part in a sweepstake competition with prizes for the winner, runner up, 3rd place and worst performing team.

Since I was lucky enough to pick the mighty Germany, who were victorious in their efforts to seal the first European win in South America, I have the opportunity to donate £100 to a charity of my choice.

Having given my decision a lot of thought, I decided that I would donate this money to the WWF. The WWF – also known as the World Wildlife Fund – aims to reach their goal of ‘people living in harmony with nature’ through six ambitious targets:

  • Restoring the wildlife and endangered species.

  • Sustaining the worlds oceans and forests.

  • Restoring many of the worlds most famous rivers.

  • Reducing carbon emissions.

  • Radically changing the timber and seafood sectors.

  • Lastly – valuing nature as a whole.

Already from looking at the annual review, amongst other issues, this charity is stabilizing and increasing populations of endangered animals. I’ve chosen to adopt a Bengal tiger as collectively there are fewer than 3,200 of these left in the wild. Trying to protect nature and prevent further issues in this ongoing cause is why this charity is important to me, and I hope this donation can provide a little help to preserving and sustaining the wildlife all around the world.

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