To celebrate the coming of Christmas, I asked the team at Clear Books to take part in a fun short activity. Each person was given a random Christmas-related word which they had 30 seconds to draw. Most panicked and spent the first 10 seconds picking a coloured pen, but everyone completed the task – unscathed but a little traumatised!

The random words ranged from really difficult and obscure ones like “Lapland, “Silent Night” and “Bethlehem” to the pretty standard “Christmas tree” and “Santa Claus”

Let us know which one is your favourite and vote in the comments below!

'Complete Christmas dinner'  by Tim Fouracre. "Those are potatoes, peas and that's the chicken--"

‘Complete Christmas dinner’ by our CEO Tim Fouracre.
“Those are potatoes, peas and that’s the chicken–pudding— AND a  glass of wine”

'Santa' - by Sergey

‘Santa’ – by Sergey

'Gingerbread house' - by Fiona

‘Gingerbread house’ – by Fiona

'Christmas pudding' by Ben

‘Christmas pudding’ by Ben

'Lapland' by Theo

‘Lapland’ by Theo

'Stocking' by Tara

‘Stocking’ by Tara

'Christmas tree' by Chris

‘Christmas tree’ by Chris

'Sleighbells' by Hayley

‘Sleighbells’ by Hayley

'Rudolph' by Tom V

‘Rudolph’ by Tom V

'Turkey' by Vicktor

‘Turkey’ by Vicktor

'Santa's Grotto' by Craig

‘Santa’s Grotto’ by Craig

'Elf' by Alex

‘Elf’ by Alex

'Snowman' by Shiv

‘Snowman’ by Shiv

'Mince pie' by Abdul

‘Mince pie’ by Abdul

'Christmas tree' by Lajos

‘Christmas tree’ by Lajos

'Santa' by mike

‘Santa’ by mike

'Blizten the reindeer' - Mobeen

‘Blitzen the reindeer’ – Mobeen

'Gingerbread house' - by Thrishan

‘Gingerbread house’ – by Thrishan

'Santa' - by Gavin

‘Santa’ – by Gavin

'Snowflake' - by Mathura

‘Snowflake’ – by Mathura

'Bethlehem' - by Suzy

‘Bethlehem’ – by Suzy

'Mrs Claus' - by Simone

‘Mrs Claus’ – by Simone

'Presents' - by Shaz

‘Presents’ – by Shaz

'Christmas Pudding' - by Anan

‘Christmas Pudding’ – by Anan

'Elf' by Lizzie

‘Elf’ by Lizzie

'Yule log' by me. Shu tried to trick me as she thought yule logs were obscure.

‘Yule log’ by me.
Shu tried to trick me as she thought yule logs were obscure.

'Slient Night' by Shu

‘Slient Night’ by Shu


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