We’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Capitalise to provide Capitalise for Business for Clear Books users, allowing them to track their business credit score and access better fit funding from over 100 lenders.

Powered by Experian, Capitalise for Business gives users access to the same information lenders have about their business, and can help them get better funding terms by improving their credit score. 

Capitalise for Business allows users to track their business credit score for free, and provides credit reports which give insight into what is positively and negatively impacting their score.

As well as providing credit score and report information, Capitalise for Business also allows users to run company credit checks on their customers, suppliers or competitors, and allows users to easily apply for funding from over 100 lenders. 

Capitalise for Business helps Clear Books users:

  • Find out their credit score and what it means for their business 
  • Monitor the factors impacting their score, both positive and negative
  • Get full access to the information lenders know about their business
  • Apply to lenders with one simple form and track all their applications
  • Check the credit score of their customers, suppliers or competitors

Understanding your business credit score

A whopping 71% of business owners don’t know their credit score! Understanding your credit score means that you can:

  • Negotiate better terms with suppliers
  • Win more contracts with bigger clients
  • Access affordable funding with ease
  • Get ahead of risks and opportunities

Launching Capitalise for Business is an exciting development to the existing Clear Books and Capitalise partnership, which has helped Clear Books users easily search and apply for funding enabling them to grow and protect their businesses. 

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David Carr, Clear Books CFO and Head of Product said: 

“This is an incredibly exciting update for Clear Books users. Understanding your business credit score and how to improve it will mean that small businesses can get much better loan options and terms, which is so important in today’s climate. With tough times ahead for small businesses, Capitalise for Business can help Clear Books users safeguard their businesses and access affordable funding with ease.”

Paul Surtees, CEO and Co-founder of Capitalise said:

“When we launched Capitalise in 2016 our ambition was to connect SMEs with the funding that was right for them. But this was never the full story, the pandemic and the current economic situation is showing us that small businesses need help and support to build better financial health.

“That’s why we launched Capitalise for Business to show how credit scores impact plans for growth and how to improve them. To find funding that’s a better fit. And to see risks to cashflow before they become a threat.”

Get started today

The easiest way to get started is from within your Clear Books account, simply log in or start a free 30 day Clear Books trial.

Otherwise, get started for free, or learn more about Capitalise for Business.

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