Happy National Cycle to Work Day! Today is a national event aiming to encourage everyone to get on their bike and pedal to work! For the last month employers and employees all around the UK have been pledging their miles for the day. Over 44,000 cyclists have pledged that a whopping 664,755 miles will be cycled!

Not only is that a massive saving on commuting costs of almost £300,000 but some of that money saved will surely be splurged on a big lunch (and cake!) to replenish a total of 20,603,004 calories that are estimated to have been burned during the day!

As a fit and active company, some of the Clear Books team have been involved in cycling to work! Today a total of 70 miles will be spun from Lizzie (Strategic Development), Arnaud (Technical Director) and John (Head of Support) making sure most of the departments at Clear Books are represented!

The photo shows some shiny bikes, and less shiny faces (post showers). If you’ve been getting in the miles today on your bike, share you photo with us on Twitter and we’ll make sure to feature your with a retweet! 

Get on your bike!

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing