Ever wanted to know a bit more about the brains behind Clear Books?  Well actually I’m referring to the main brain. The one that came up with the concept of Clear Books. The one that created the Clear Books phenomenon. The one goes by the name of Tim Fouracre.

Cristian Dorobantescu, from Entrepreneurship Interviews, managed to steal some of Tim’s time to find out more about the Clear Books journey. This exclusive interview takes a look at the hard working individual who has made Clear Books what it is today.

So if you’re looking for something to read on your chocolate break check out Tim’s interview here.

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  1. Lots of hard work did go in to get Clear Books off the ground but now Team Clear Books (Alpha, Billy, Ed, John, Lizzie and Matt) are working even harder to take us to the next level. More brains, more ideas all working to making the Clear Books phenomenon even better 🙂

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