Over the last month we have been working closely with a group of Clear Books Accounting Partners.

The group was put through an intense (but enjoyable!) training boot camp at the Clear Books HQ.

Since qualifying, our training partners are now bursting at the seams with Clear Books knowledge and are now ready to train our users.

What does Onsite Training involve?

In the comfort of you own working environment whether it’s your home, an office, coffee house, or a shop floor you can quite simply arrange for one of our certified training partners to take you through the ropes of Clear Books.

Do you need help setting up?

Has your small business expanded in size?

Perhaps you would like to find out your are using the system to it’s full potential.

Whatever your requirements, you will have the opportunity to customise your onsite training session with a Clear Books trainer. You can include members of your team who will be working with the system to maximise this onsite training opportunity.

Pricing structure

A minimum of 2 hours is required to make the training session worth while for you!

2 hours – £300

3 hours – £400

4 hours – £500

How do I book an Onsite Training session?

You can register your interest for onsite training by emailing training@clearbooks.co.uk.

Please include your location and the number of hours you would like to book. A training partner will then be in contact with you to go through your training requirements.

Clear Books have established onsite training due to popular demand.

We are a UK based company and we know how important it is to make our training services available nationwide! Although the Clear Books HQ is based in London we are aware of just how many Clear Books enthusiasts are dotted all over the country. Onsite training will certainly make sure that the Clear Books Love is spread far and wide!

Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing