Clear Books has set itself a clear & simple vision.  We are focusing on accounting and payroll in the UK market.  We want a clear & simple product that is fast and works for all our customers.  Having listened to our customers we also recognise the importance of having, and communicating, a clear product roadmap.

We have therefore appointed Ruth as our new Product Team Manager.  She will be responsible for managing the Product Team, planning out the short, medium and long term product roadmap, and ensuring proper communication of that roadmap both internally and to our customers.

There are lots of ideas about how Clear Books could be improved, but we must carefully prioritise these ideas to make sure we deal with the most important first.  And what is important to one person might not be at all relevant to someone else.  Please bear with us (and Ruth!) whilst she gets her feet under the table in her new role, and can start analysing what features/improvements need to be dealt with first.  Once we have a clear & simple short to medium term roadmap we will communicate our top level plan to our customers.


Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing