RTI payroll submission 2016

At the end of the tax year, HMRC need to know that the RTI (Real Time Information) payroll being submitted is the last submission of the year. This means that a number of declarations need to be made before submitting to HMRC.

The support team have put together a guide that explains how you can use our payroll software to let HMRC know this vital information. If your final submission of the year is FPS (Full Payment Submission), follow steps 1-3. If you want to make a EPS (Employer Payment Summary) the final submission, go to step 3.


What is HMRC RTI Filing?

RTI stands for ‘real time information’, and since April 2013 employers need to tell HMRC about salaries and deductions for each employee on each payday. If you’re a customer, you can use Clear Books Payroll to submit these details electronically.

RTI submissions have also replaced the P35 and P14 annual returns to HMRC. This service is available for monthly, weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, quarterly and annual payroll frequencies. Once you have sent your RTI submission to HMRC, Payroll will notify you of whether the submission was successful. If unsuccessful, Payroll will pass on the error message from HMRC.


What is Full Payment Submission (FPS)?

An FPS is the most common type of submission, and the deadline for Full Payment Submission is on or before each payday.

For each employee being paid, it includes details such as:

  • Name
  • National Insurance information
  • Date of birth
  • Gross pay
  • Deductions

An FPS also tells HMRC about employees who are joining or leaving employment.

After you’ve sent your Full Payment Submission, in the next tax month you can view it and how much tax / NI you owe in HMRC online account, you can claim any reduction on what you’ll owe HMRC and then pay HMRC the balance.

Find out more by viewing the HMRC Full Payment Submission checklist


What is Employer Payment Summary (EPS)?

Some employers will need to file a monthly Employer Payment Summary with HMRC. Examples include:

  • Where the employer is reclaiming statutory maternity or paternity pay.
  • Employers who have had tax withheld under the Construction Industry Scheme and are offsetting this against their employee’s payroll deductions.
  • Employers notifying HMRC that they will not make any payments to employees for a specified number of months.
  • EPS Submissions need to be be made on or before the 19th day of the month after the one to which the submission pertains.

View the HMRC Employer Payment Summary checklist


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