What’s gone live

Each month, we make enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes to Clear Books. The following changes are available now.

VAT: Fixed asset management on VAT flat rate scheme

  • Adds a feature that supports customers using the VAT Flat Rate Scheme when managing fixed assets above £2,000.
  • Improves user experience for customers on the Flat Rate Scheme by providing a message that a transaction will appear on a VAT return when a bill is created with a line item for a fixed asset that is over £2k in value
  • Improves the user experience to show credit notes against Capital Goods over £2,000 on a VAT return on the Flat Rate Scheme
  • Improves the user experience to give a warning message that VAT needs to be repaid to HMRC when a Capital Good over £2,000 is sold on the Flat Rate Scheme
  • Improves the user experience on the Flat Rate Scheme to only allow full credit notes of Capital Goods against invoices of Capital Goods
  • Improves the user experience to prevent Capital Goods purchases from having their account codes changed if included on a VAT return or if part paid


VAT: Multiple open VAT periods

Improves the user experience on the VAT period maintenance screen by advising users with multiple open VAT periods that they are required to provide end dates on VAT periods that should not be open.


VAT flat rate scheme switching on cash accounting

Addresses an issue for users who use cash accounting and have switched to the VAT Flat Rate Scheme. Invoices raised on the VAT Standard Scheme which were paid on the VAT Flat Rate Scheme were appearing on the VAT return with the incorrect VAT rate applied. Now, the VAT return reflects VAT at the Flat Rate applicable when the payment was made.


Batch invoice and bill creation

Improves the user experience when creating invoices and bills by batch. When an error is encountered in any of the items in the batch, the entire batch is paused and can be reviewed by the user to correct the error, and retry.


Other improvements and fixes

  • Improvement to the stability of Yodlee bank feeds
  • Fixes an issue that caused attachments to not upload and attach correctly
  • Improves the user experience when configuring an API integration that uses a third-party external contact ID
  • Addresses an issue with client assignment to partners for Payroll Bureau subscriptions
  • Improvement to the support for deep-linking to a specific page within Clear Books when the user has not logged in
  • Addresses an issue where invoices would not correctly load from the link contained in the card payment advice email
  • Improvements to the management of failed card payments
  • Improvements to management of CIS reports that require changes after being submitted to HMRC
  • Addresses an issue with email address field validation
  • Improvements to the presentation of subtotals for multi-currency quotes and purchase orders on customer statements
  • Improvements to the error handling on the quick pay function to help prevent over-allocation of payments
  • Improves the quality of VAT cash accounting in which previously an expense included on a confirmed VAT return could be deleted

Posted by Darren Taylor

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