We are constantly improving Clear Books, and often make new features and improvements available in Preview, which allows you to get early access and to share your feedback.


What’s in preview

VAT for payments on account

  • Unallocated payments/receipts can now be included on a VAT return
  • Adds functionality to account for the VAT on Payments On Account (POA) in accordance with tax point rules per HMRC. When creating a VAT return, you are able to view a list of all POAs, choose the relevant VAT rate, and which POAs to include on the VAT return.

Create a pending asset from a bill manually

  • A functional update that allows you to manually generate pending assets from a bill which has line items coded to fixed asset account codes. These were previously generated automatically when creating or modifying a bill.
  • Enabling this toggle will give you a new button on the invoice view screen when applicable, which lets you generate pending assets from your fixed asset line items on the invoice. At the same time the feature disables automatic pending asset generation upon saving these bills.

Design updates
The following sections have been improved with updated style. Each is available as a separate preview, so you can look at and provide feedback on each one separately.Design update for the money section
All pages under the menu item “Money” have been updated to follow our new, sleek style guide.

  • Style update to VAT return
    The VAT return page has been updated to follow our new, sleek style guide.
  • Style update to journals
    The create and edit journal pages have been updated to follow our new, sleek style guide.
  • Style update to contact creation and edit pages
    The contact creation page and all edit pages have been updated to follow our new, sleek style guide.
  • Style update to Yodlee feed setup
    The Yodlee bank feed pages have been updated to follow our new, sleek style guide.

Better invoicing

  • Following your feedback, this preview improves invoice entry by dynamically expanding the description field based on how much you have typed. Short, medium, and long descriptions all show at their best. Before we roll out this behaviour, please share your feedback on how well this works for you.


What’s gone live

Each month, we make enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes to Clear Books. The following changes are available now.

Invoices, Quotes, Bills

  • Fixed an issue for customers using the GoCardless integration who edit an unpaid sales invoice – in the scenario that the invoice has a pending GoCardless payment, editing the invoice would create a duplicate invoice instead of editing the original


  • Update the rates for VAT MOSS for Romania


  • Improved the UX of several reports, including Graphs report, Customers > Invoice detail by account code report, Suppliers > Bill detail by account code report, Detail > Audit log report, Financials > Rey ratios report, and CIS > Verifications report
  • Improved the UX of Tax reports, including VAT comparison, EC sales submissions, VAT MOSS, EC sales list, VAT exceptions, and P11D items reports
    Fixed an error that caused the Aged debtor report to incorrectly link the subtotals of aged period to the full list of all debtors

Construction Industry Scheme

  • Fixed an issue that prevented manual verification of subcontractors
  • Fixed an error that caused the button label on the CIS verification screen to sometimes display poorly


  • Fixed an issue that caused payslips with a very large number of pre-tax payments to display poorly

Payroll Bureau

  • Improved the experience of the HMRC bills report within Payroll Bureau to clarify the search criteria


  • Added a new field in the response for listing account codes which presents the custom account code, if it exists
  • Fixed an issue in the Clear Books PHP client library that caused inconsistent behaviour when getting a list of currencies
  • Fixed an issue in the WSDL for the SOAP API that incorrectly prevented non-integer quantities on invoice line items

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved the wording of confirmation emails that are sent when updating certain details, so that the emails are more clear
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the use of custom account codes when that code had already been replaced by another custom account code. Replaced codes can now be reused.
  • Added a feature that allows editing of the “Account type” for an account code, which is used for grouping accounts on the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports, and other places in Clear Books
  • Changed the name for the menu options of “Sales > Money in” to “Sales > Unallocated receipt”, and “Sales > Money out” to “Sales > Unallocated payment”
  • Corrected the name for the Allocate payment function, located under “Money > Bank statements > Import statement”
  • Fixed an issue that caused non-functional “reverse date” to be an option on a recurring journal. To automatically reverse a recurring journal, set up a second recurring journal for the reversal with the required date.
  • Extends support for using a custom SMTP email server to include payslip emails
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented multi currency payment allocation for very small amounts
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused incorrect display of values when refunding a multi currency invoice which had been created through the bank import tool
  • Improved the UX of the “Contacts > Customers > Merge contacts” function
  • Standardised the UX of the “Opening balance” screens, including Cash, Debtors, Creditors, and Other balances. This group of screens used to be called “Get started.”
  • Improved the user experience of the “Opening balances > Other balances” screen when the VAT return journal toggle feature is on, to make entering VAT balances clearer
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when editing a copied invoice before saving it

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