Have you ever wondered why some companies are always doing better than others? Regardless of the effort put in your website and despite your SEO ranking or your pay per click strategy, you still don’t generate the level of sales you strive to achieve. Chances are that you have.

Well, the answer to that tricky question is probably complex, but there might be an easy element to improve on your website. People buy from other people, not companies. Indeed, like internet marketer Joel Comm said: “people want to buy from people they know, like and trust”. But how do I manage to achieve such a thing? Creating a strong sense of trust on the website can easily be done and headshots can be a very good way to improve the perception of both your company and your team to potential clients.

Building confidence is harder for small or medium-sized businesses as they don’t have the brand power of larger companies.Portraits of your team will help the company gain in credibility by making it look a lot more professional.

An image is worth a thousand words and headshots will definitely help with the message sought to be conveyed. No matter what the core values of your company are, either team spirit, sustainable development, multiculturalism, innovation, luxury or even performance, a great series of portraits is one of the key to a successful communication.

Depending on the industry and the brand’s positioning, you have several option to maximise the impact of your portraits. If you are a start up in high tech or an established luxury brands, your aesthetic choice will be probably very different.

How important is the environment in the portrait? Will it add value or detract? Would a plain background shot work better and would be more versatile for future use, such as in an annual report or magazines’ interviews ? Incorporating environmental elements to a portrait can help capture some of the DNA of the brand, but shouldn’t take anything away from the person’ stature.

The type of engagement with the viewer can also vary depending on the company and the objective of the portrait. Should the team be smiling and very inviting or keep a more neutral expression? Smiling is an obvious option, but not the only one…

A good portrait can have a wide range of use (social media, business cards, website, press releases etc). It is an investment that can have a huge return on investment), when carefully planned and professionally shot.

A good idea is to organise a portrait shoot for your team to reward them. It can also be a great ice breaker during a sales meeting, creating a relaxed atmosphere which will foster individuality and allow your team to make the most of it. It is always fun, so make the most of it and enjoy it.

Posted by Franck Jehanne

Franck Jehanne is the founder of Corporate-Portrait.co.uk which offers professional business headshot photography services in London and all over the UK. The studio is located in London Bridge, SE1, but the team also shoots on location at clients’ offices. You can book your next headshot directly online at: www.corporate-portrait.co.uk