As many of you will be aware, HMRC is changing the way employers submit data on PAYE.  Employers will need to file electronic reports for each pay run, replacing the old annual reporting (P35/P14) system.

Real Time Information will be fully supported by our Online Payroll Software, Open Payroll, when the scheme is introduced in April 2013 for small businesses.

It’s important for all Open Payroll customers to ensure that their employee details are correct and in the format that HMRC expect – see  here for more details.

If you have any queries get in touch with the support team who will be glad to help.

Posted by Darren Taylor


  1. We received our letter about PAYE Real time Information this morning and I had it on my list to check that we would be able to do this through Clear Books.

    Glad to see you are already set up for this.

    Thanks Clear Books for making our accounts easy.



  2. HMRC details are more relevant in online payroll service


  3. A timely reminder of the approaching RTI deadlines and great to hear that Open Payroll will help businesses to comply. However it is worth pointing out that in addition to payroll software changes, businesses that submit payments directly via Bacs must also ensure that their Bacs software is RTI compliant. See for details.


  4. How do we link Open PAyroll to HMRC for the real time information? It’s now April and we need to send the info in.


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