You already know how easy it is to create an invoice in Clear Books and email it directly to your customers. You also know how time saving it is to let Clear Books handle sending recurring invoices and reminders for you automatically.

We have something new to add to the mix and it involves taking money directly from your customers’ bank accounts to make the “getting paid” process that little bit quicker and hassle free!

Clear Books is excited to announce that it has integrated with GoCardless.

GoCardless works by taking direct debits from your customers’ bank accounts on either a one-off or recurring basis.

This tool allows you to take more control of getting paid by your customers. With a transaction fee of just 1%, our integration with GoCardless is a real steal!

GoCardless is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland and registered with the FSA.

First things first, you will need to set up a GoCardless account here. Fear not, as there are no setup fees and you don’t even need a credit card processing account!

Once you have a GoCardless account you will need to follow the setting up instructions and then you’ll be able to watch you payments roll in! 

Posted by Darren Taylor

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