Everyone will want one. All the cool kids will be wearing them. Our range of Clear Books t-shirts are incredibly versatile and can be worn for all occasions: pyjama parties, gym sessions, decorating…

Ok so we may have only had a delivery for the Large and Extra Large t-shirts. But that’s not a problem – we’re still fighting the Christmas bulge right? We like big!

Check out this exclusive Clear Books fashion shoot and our soon to be iconic t-shirts!

Want to be part of this new look? Simple. Post a comment, and we will randomly select five lucky people to receive one of these stylish t-shirts. Valentines day gift = sorted!

We will definitely all be wearing ours to an upcoming Clear Books night out, so look out for those photos.


Will anyone rock this t-shirt as well as Mr Clear Books himself?

John got more than this t-shirt from Clear Books.

Lizzie will definitely be adding a waist belt, skinny jeans and heels to complete the look.

Ed - no real surprise the XL was too small for you.

Billy looking his usual suave self.

Matt displays the stylish, yet subtle Clear Books logo located on the back of the t-shirt.

The team rocking it with their Clear Books t-shirts.

Posted by Darren Taylor

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