We’d like to let you know the kind of data RTI will require from you, most of which you can start entering now. Here is an update on how we’re getting on.

User Interface Changes

We’ve been working on adding an interface for some new fields required for RTI to the employee settings: –

  • Irregular work pattern indicator.
  • Regular working hours.

The following field has been added to the employer settings: –

  • Sort code number of the bank you will be making your BACS payments from.

Make sure you fill these in before your first RTI pay run.

We will be adding fields for payroll payment date in the next few days. We will also create a user interface to show you what BACS reference(” hash”) to use when paying your employees.

Successful Submissions

We’ve tested our data with HMRC’s sever, and are pleased to confirm we have made several valid submissions of test data.

Features we don’t support in Open Payroll

Some specialist facilities won’t be available on Open Payroll – see a list here .

Other employee data you will need to check

It’s important to make sure the following are correct for all your employees: –

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance number

See HMRC’s guide to getting these right here.

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  1. Does Clearbooks have a release date yet for this? I’d like to see it before April commences. How is Clearbooks planning to communicate the new RTI settings with us?

  2. What date will RTI be available?

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