At Clear Books, since we started in 2008, we have believed that cloud accounting software is a tool to help you achieve your business and life goals. Now in 2023, technology is ubiquitous – but our goal remains the same; to help small businesses stay on top of their business admin, so they can spend their time doing what matters most to them.

The fastest pace of change yet

Technology is changing faster than ever, and artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer. AI is reshaping the way businesses use software. Clear Books is leading the way, embracing AI to bring you innovative ways to get on top of your business admin, faster and easier than ever before.

AI’s impact on business

Artificial Intelligence, first seen in our living rooms on shows like Star Trek, is now permanently in our living rooms on our Alexa-powered smart speakers – and worn on our wrists in the form of Apple Watches. AI is rewriting the rules of every industry. Rather than rewriting the rules, it’s torn up the rulebook and using generative GPT models to write new ones from scratch.

In the world of finance and accounting, where precision and efficiency are paramount, AI is proving to be a catalyst for transformation. At Clear Books, we are leading this transformation to simplify complex accounting tasks and speed up manual processing – so that you spend less time and expend fewer brain cells on the day-to-day admin, and giving you the time and headspace to focus on your core activities.

AI and Clear Books

What have we done to give you more time and fewer headaches?

Enter a bill using our Auto Bills feature, and we scan your receipt and read the supplier, amount, date, and VAT information in an average of 4.6 seconds.

We then use our AI-powered accounting categorisation engine to nearly instantly suggest the accounting treatment for the receipt. This is a fresh new innovation used by thousands of Clear Books customers today, saving them countless hours.

That’s not all. Import your bank transactions directly into Clear Books, and our accounting categorisation engine does your cash-coding for you. (English please, for those of us who aren’t accountants: categorise your bank transactions instantly in a click. Save time and get fewer errors). This is available today in our bank explain feature.

Gone are the days of manual data entry and repetitive decision-making. Technology is meant to make life better, automating and streamlining each day.

Even though this is battle-hardened tech, we keep it flexible for you – you can still set your own rules to override the AI’s suggestions, if you are that way inclined. This blend of AI-driven intelligence and your user-defined preferences gives you the balance you want.

Paving the way for the future

We’re on a mission to make the easiest to use accounting software. The expectation of “easy” keeps moving forward, and so do we. The impressive AI-powered innovations in Clear Books today are awesome – but we’re just getting started. Clear Books will continue to lead the way,reshaping accounting software – more intuitive, more efficient, more tailored for you. We are doing this so you don’t have to spend your time doing painful admin, giving yourself a headache – rather so you can spend your time how you want.

We’re embracing the AI revolution – Clear Books is not just your software provider; we’re your a partner on your journey towards a smarter and more streamlined financial future, spending your time and your life how you want

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Posted by Des Dowling