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19Feb 13

The pros and cons of working with your family

My second hire at Clear Books was my brother, John, who is our most experienced support agent. My fifth employee was my sister, Lizzie, who heads up our marketing team.

The biggest advantage of having siblings work for you is that the company develops foundations built on family values. This leads to a more transparent, accountable, relaxed and friendly working environment for everyone.

From the family members themselves you have unquestionable loyalty and trust.

There are disadvantages too, which revolve around extremes. I am likely to be more abrupt, lenient or severe with my siblings. Whether the tone is good or bad it tends to be more towards an extreme.

Family puts employees at the heart of the business. I want Clear Books to succeed, not just for our customers or for me. I want the team to prosper, particularly as one of them is my brother and one is my sister.

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