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Tim founded Clear Books in 2008. Like many small business owners he worked from home for 15 months to get his startup off the ground. Today Tim enjoys helping Clear Books, its customers and its growing team innovate and achieve. Tim did his GCE O Levels in Ghana.

February 2017 product updates

Improvements pending Removal of VAT rounding functionality On 28th February 2017 we are removing the VAT rounding toggle feature. If you create an invoice that has multiple line items, the system will no longer automatically add a penny rounding adjustment...

/ 2nd February 2017
HMRC and The Joker

Bonkers! HMRC Say They Will Support Spreadsheets in MTD?

(Note, we now have a product that seamlessly allows businesses to keep spreadsheet records, while allowing the accountant to submit their returns digitally, complying with MTD) I applaud the sentiment behind the government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative i.e. to...

/ 1st February 2017

Create invoice design update part 2

Dear customers, A big sorry to those customers who didn’t like the new design of our create invoice page. I appreciate that a change to a key workflow when you are on autopilot can be frustrating. It certainly isn’t our...

/ 15th December 2016

Create invoice design update

Over recent months we have been rolling out a new style guide for Clear Books. The reason we are doing this is to ensure a modern and consistent approach to layout, colours, icons, grids and fonts that is more accessible on...

/ 13th December 2016

A Clear Books update from Tim Fouracre

This is an update on recent customer feedback we collected and the steps we are taking as a result of your comments. Thank you for helping us improve Clear Books. Feedback system Recently we introduced a new method to collect...

/ 29th July 2015

Clear Books CEO Tim Fouracre: The Power of Networking

As we get ready for our first ever Clear Books Community Exhibition (CBCE) in February 2015, I’ve been reflecting on the power of community and why networking is so important for small businesses. You never know when your network will...

/ 11th December 2014

Cloud Funding II Update

It's been a busy summer for Clear Books plc and following on from our first AGM as a plc I wanted to add some further background on the progress of Cloud Funding II. Cloud Funding II raised approximately £700k in 20...

/ 1st September 2014

Clear Books plc appoints three new directors

Clear Books is pleased  to announce that on 1st April 2014 Brendan McLoughlin, Paul Maunders and Elizabeth Fouracre were all appointed to the Clear Books plc board of directors. Brendan and Paul each take individual roles as non-executive directors replacing...

/ 3rd April 2014

Small British businesses are wasting one week a year unnecessarily

Small British businesses are wasting time unnecessarily. In a year I estimate that the person in a small business who processes payments to suppliers is wasting a full working week. The problem is that most small businesses view unpaid bills...

/ 27th March 2014

Clear Books plc trading update March 2014

The 31 March 2014 is Clear Books' first year end as a plc. This trading update provides an overview of what the team has been up to this year with estimated figures. Full audited accounts with finalised figures will be...

/ 13th March 2014