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18Jun 13

Core motivations – profit and fun

There are two things we ask of our entire team to reach for within our organisation. To generate profit and have fun.

Profits provide the resources to achieve our vision of supporting millions of small businesses. From sustainable profits we can deliver customer growth, happy customers and product innovation.

Importantly, we want to have fun along the way. This includes everything from the team environment and job satisfaction to personal development.

We have a happy team who enjoy their work but I’m keen to find even more ways to make the office environment fun. Do you have any suggestions? If I like them I’ll give them a go and blog about how they went down with the team – photos included of course!

  • Anne Foster

    We have fancydress theme days at work, esp at halloween but also during the year using raising money for charity as an excuse. Recently we all wore onesies to work and also made a video of us doing the harlem shake. Birthday buffet lunches go down well and we all chip a few quid in and buy them a decent joint present from us all rather than getting little naff things.

    Friday morning butty club worked well then got upgraded to an afterwork pub club. Next week we’re going to a networking event with a mexican theme so got extra tickets and extended invite to all staff. Last xmas to save transport problems after works night out & drinking we organised a limo to transport people home safely. Comfy sofas in a sitting area for lunch times so they can get away from their desks and a weekly trip to local starbucks to round the week off. Finally paperplane and origami making sessions just to be random.

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