You will now be notified via email every time a batch of recurring invoices is generated. Don’t want a notification? That’s fine too. Switch the feature off by heading to Settings > Organisation > Toggle features.

This is yet another popular idea from the Clear Books Network that has been implemented to save time for you, our brilliant but busy customers.

Plenty of you have mentioned that you wanted to be able to keep full track of your recurring invoices, and now you can. What other ideas do you want to see made a reality? Get them in the Network now, we love ideas!

If you’re not currently using Clear Books and this feature has blown your mind, we have plenty more to offer. Take out a 30 day trial and find out for yourself.

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  1. I received an email this morning about a new recurring invoice, however it was not an invoice it was a purchase.

    I woud like to be notified of recurring invoices but not recurring purchases please.

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