Clear Books provides a range of online accounting subscriptions to support the changing needs of your client base. We offer accountant access only subscriptions (Practice Edition) and collaborative subscriptions (Small & Large) which support client access and use of the mobile app.

We were delighted to talk to one of our valued partners David Hannam of DAH Accountancy to learn more about the process behind choosing a subscription type for a client, and the benefits of transitioning from accountant-only to collaborative subscription types. 

Tell us a little bit about your history with Clear Books

We started using Clear Books in 2015 and now have over 100 clients on the system. We have enjoyed working closely with Clear Books – as our partner we find them responsive and co-operative and always open to positive comments. 

We love that when we or our clients have a question we can just lift the phone and speak to someone usually instantly to get a solution. Call me old fashioned if you wish, but sometimes it’s just easier to explain the problem by phone than to send an email or raise a support ticket.

What type of client would you typically put on a Practice Edition subscription and what are some of the reasons behind transitioning a client to Small/Large?

The most typical client on a practice edition subscription is a VAT registered business that used to bring their books to us once a quarter in a supermarket carrier bag. In some cases, we have also elected to use Clear Books for some clients who are not yet required to prepare digital records because by doing so we can save time preparing their accounts and consequently save them money in reduced accountancy fees. Clients love this.

It is never a hard sell to transition a client to Small or Large. Typically the client is intrigued by the ‘black art’ of digital records and cloud accounting and has shown some interest, we can demonstrate some of the advantages available to the client if they accept some of the responsibility for their own bookkeeping.

How does moving to a collaborative subscription type benefit the client? 

Clients feel more engaged in the process and begin to appreciate the benefits of digital records and cloud accounting – we never get asked to justify the cost of the subscription when the client has access to the system directly.

The client can frequently get better information more quickly, feels more in control of their own business and as a result, they don’t get nasty surprises about the size of their VAT payment or annual tax bill. 

At a time when we as a practice are attempting to restrict face to face contact with clients where possible, it is much easier to have conversations with clients by telephone when the client can see the same screen or document as we are seeing online.

Does the practice experience benefits when working more collaboratively with clients?

Absolutely. When clients are more involved in the finances of their own business, we all benefit. We believe we will retain a client for longer where we work with them collaboratively. We have a number of clients who now have their weekends back and actually have a life outside of work. Two clients I can think of in particular used to work Monday to Friday and do their own accounts on a spreadsheet on Saturday and Sunday. They both now have weekends free, their collaborative bookkeeping done and dusted real-time.

Our special offer

As a special Christmas treat, Clear Books is offering discounted upgrades for our practice partners throughout the month of December, so you too can enjoy the benefits of working collaboratively with your clients:

  • Upgrade to Small – 25% discount off list price for life
  • Upgrade to Large – 35% discount off list price for life

Here to help

If you’re looking to make the switch to a collaborative subscription type, then get in touch with our Account Management Specialist today by emailing  

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