Clear Books has been selected as an integral partner to iBusinessHub, a new service available exclusively to Santander small business banking customers. iBusinessHub is a range of bundled cloud applications, including applications that help with financial and customer management, credit management and support with IT, integrated into one package by cloud specialist, Business Centric Services Group (BCSG).

Research shows that 74%* of small business owners find the experience of starting up their own business stressful and difficult economic conditions do not make life easy for established companies. As well as contending with IT challenges, such as fixing computing problems, protecting business data and developing IT skills, businesses need to manage customers effectively, control their credit and stay on top of their finances – recording expenses, sending invoices and managing cash flow.

iBusinessHub has been built by BCSG for Santander to help small businesses overcome these challenges. Through this flexible online solution, the aim is to help companies run their businesses efficiently and affordably.

“iBusinessHub brings some essential services to small businesses all under one roof and through the ease of the cloud,” explains Tim Fouracre, CEO of Clear Books. “Rather than sourcing them separately, it’s a convenient and highly affordable way for smaller companies to manage various aspects of their business in both a fast and flexible way.

“By integrating Clear Books into iBusinessHub, companies can manage their finances more effectively online and in conjunction with other aspects of their business. From experienced financial controllers to those without any accounting experience, cloud accounting can be a very effective way of managing aspects of money.”

“Clear Books was selected as a partner of iBusinessHub due to its user friendly customer experience and SME focus,” says Tom Davies, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Business Centric Services Group. “Users of iBusinessHub can enjoy all of the benefits that existing Clear Books customers have.”

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*Source: YouGovStone Ltd, 2011

Posted by Darren Taylor

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