We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Capitalise to allow small businesses to eliminate the panic and stress often involved in obtaining business finance.

Growing and protecting UK small businesses

Half a million UK SMEs have cash reserves of only four weeks or less, and nearly half are at high risk. The average SME has £30k in outstanding delayed payments, meaning that easy access to finance is critical for small businesses. As the economy recovers it could allow them to take advantage of new opportunities to fuel growth as well as to help protect themselves against further unforeseen shocks.

The value of easy finance

Most small businesses who need financing only realise this late in the piece – and take action even later. The Capitalise partnership and integration means that businesses with enough trading history in Clear Books have ongoing insight of their financial performance and their possible need for capital, and provides a streamlined process to find and apply for a business loan.

Eliminate panic with business insights

Clear Books provides businesses with an at-a-glance traffic light insight to their business cash health, right on the dashboard. Cash is king, and knowing you have enough cash to cover your expenses is key for small businesses. So that’s why we show an insight for “Days cash on hand” with a red, amber, or green indicator to show how healthy your business cash position is. Red means you could take steps to improve, amber is a possible warning, and green means you’re good to go. But with Clear Books, red, amber, and green all mean “go” because there are always actions to take to improve, or capitalise on, business cash health.

To provide real value, insights need a record of trading history to generate. So if your business is brand new to Clear Books or you don’t have enough trading history, you might not see your insights just yet. But as soon as you do, your insights will appear on your dashboard giving you a clear, easy-to-understand view of your business’s cash health.

Be loan-ready with Clear Books and Capitalise

Clear Books makes it easy to keep your books up to date, meaning your business is always “loan-ready.” All the information needed for the lender is at your fingertips. Clear Books also provides business owners with additional insights when financing may be helpful or necessary.

Easy no-obligation loan searches

From within Clear Books accounting software, a business owner can share business and financial information directly with Capitalise’s finance search platform, reducing the time it takes to gather the information and documents needed for a loan application. Capitalise’s leading technology and experienced team supports the small business to find the right financing for them, and to get their financing approved.

Capitalise works with over a 100 lenders, including high street banks, alternative lenders and independent lenders. These lenders offer a variety of products so you’re certain to find the most suitable solution for your business. Capitalise makes it easy to find, compare and select lenders who are most likely to give you an offer.

With its industry leading loan approval rate, Capitalise has already organised over £1bn of lending offers to UK small businesses. All this experience is available to you through their platform.

Get started today

Because Clear Books users are loan-ready, it’s quick and easy to find the right loan, and even quicker and easier to apply. Loans are approved faster, and the business owner avoids stress – all of which frees them up to spend their time on what matters most to them.

Log in to your Clear Books account to see your cash insights on your Clear Books dashboard and explore loan options.

If you’re not yet using Clear Books, you can register for a free 30-day accounting software trial and get yourself 50% off your first three months. We’ll even give you a free 1:1 demo with a qualified bookkeeper to help you get started.

We’re here to help

The Clear Books team is here to help. Simply call us on 0203 475 4744 or contact support here.

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