Today Clear Books is pleased to announce we’ve integrated with four other great cloud services! You can now:

  • Import suppliers and expenses from Keebo and Receipt Bank, both providing automated receipt and invoice processing services
  • Import and export customers from Capsule CRM, a flexible online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Export your Clear Books contacts to MailChimp, a leading email marketing service provider

You can find these in your Clear Books account under Tools > Add-ons.

We are confident these new integrations will make managing your business even easier!

Posted by Alex Evans

Alex joined Clear Books as a developer in late 2011, and has been working hard to make running your business easier ever since.


  1. You need some sort of notification within clearbooks for stuff like this.

    I usually check the footer in CB but this post does not show for me?
    I stumbled across this post from twitter by accident.

    1. Hi James – we’ve wanted to implement a notification system for some time but never really agreed on the best way to do it and what to update people on.

      Have you got any good example notification systems that you really like and what would you want updates on?

      1. I would want updates on everythng new in the system or changes you make but it could also be used for maintenance notifications and other stuff.

        Something in the header where you can push messages to every user account and they show as unread until people look at them, we could delete the messages from the inbox, all on a per user basis. Essentially an internal messaging system but only CB can send notifications/messages to people.

        1. Thanks for the feedback James – we’re looking into a better solution than the blog posts in footer.

          1. Hi James – we’ve now added a notification system and will be incorporating the blog posts and developer updates as well as adhoc notifications. You should see a numbered message on the Home menu when you log in to an unread notification. Let me know what you think.

          2. That’s great. Would be good to be able to manually delete items rather than them self delete after reading though.

  2. i Perry – you had been asking for Capsule for sometime – I’m pleased you now have it 🙂

  3. Here’s a link to for anyone wanting to find out more.

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