As you may recall, we launched Invoice Themes as an opt-in beta feature at the start of the new year. Over the last four months we have gathered a large amount of feedback from our beta testers (to whom I would personally like to extend my thanks and gratitude too), which has enabled us to improve invoice themes even further and also seek out and destroy the last of the little niggles and bugs.

I am now pleased to announce that invoice themes is now ready for full release, and all users will be switched over to the new theming system over the coming days. So what does that mean for you? Well if you are part of the collective who have helped us to test out invoice themes during its beta stage then you won’t need to do a thing. All of themes you have already created will remain and will work as expected. For those users who haven’t used invoice themes, you may notice a slight change in the design of your invoices as we have modified the standard design, or what we now call the ‘standard theme’ provided by Clear Books to be more flexible to all of our users. Fear not though, you can simply use the Invoice Theme’s creation tool to design and customise your invoice however you want in so many more ways now than you were previously able to do. For more information on how to create themes, visit our help guide.

In other news, we have also added a new ‘Apply to all’ option on each of the themes you have created. This enables you to mass update all of your invoices and quotes to use a specific theme.

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Posted by Darren Taylor

Darren is a Marketing Manager specialising in Digital Marketing