has announced the preliminary results to one of the most comprehensive surveys on the UK economy on the day of the 2010 final leaders’ debate. The “2010 Election Survey: Business and The Economy” has been completed over the last 24 hours by 33,279 members of the general public who gave their opinions on issues affecting the economy and the election.

Key Findings:

  • In the wake of bigotgate it appears Labour’s support is waning with only 11% of respondents intending to vote for them.
  • In what will be one of tonight’s key talking points the majority of people want to see a cut in public debt now.
  • Tories might have support of big business but small businesses are not bothered about NI rise of 1% with 51% of them saying it won’t affect hiring.
  • Lib dem deputy leader Vince Cable chosen as the best man to run our finances with 35% of the vote.
  • Tories winning the hearts but not yet minds – 43.1% of people say they best represent their views or have the best policies for ther business, but only 35.8% are prepared to vote for them.

Key Statistics:

Of the 33,279 People Surveyed in the last 24 hours:

Who will you be voting for in the election?

  • 36% Conservative / 11% Labour / 19% Liberal Democrat / 11% Other.
  • 20% were still undecided and 3% won’t be voting.

What approach to debt would you like the government to take?

  • 51% Cut Today / 33% Cut In A Year.
  • 13% were unsure and 3% felt government debt did not need to be cut.

Should banks be broken up into smaller institutions?

  • Yes 63% / No 23% / Unsure 14%.

Will a 1% increase in National insurance result in a reduction in new hires in your business?

Of the 6,221 businesses and self employed that took part in the survey:

  • 51% No / 34% Yes / Unsure 15%.

Tim Fouracre, Clear Books MD commented “I think the most notable outcome of the survey is that there is an appetite for real debate on key issues instead of spin.” He added “Politicians need to start straight talking on the economy. Let’s hope tonight they stop dodging the issues. What Clear Books users want is transparency.”


Notes To Editors

Technical Details

A snapshot of the survey was taken at 12:00 on Thursday 29th April 2010, when 33,279 had been submitted. The survey was taken by 6,221 small business owners, 16,189 employees, and 10,869 members of the general public who are economically inactive (e.g. pensioners, students and full time parents)  from across the UK. The respondents were made up of people subscribed to and these are large consumer web sites owned by Fubra Limited which is planning two further surveys before the election on key issues of: Motoring and Transport and Property and Inheritance.

About Clear Books

Clear Books is an online accounting application for small businesses. Clear Books was incorporated in July 2008 as a joint venture between Chartered Accountant and former KPMG employee Tim Fouracre, and online media company, Fubra Limited. The service was officially launched in July 2009 with a slogan “Online accounting to free your time” and costs from GBP 5 per month. Upgrades and support are free and no installation or prior knowledge of accounting is required.


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SOURCE: Clear Books

Posted by Tim Fouracre

Tim founded Clear Books in 2008. Like many small business owners he worked from home for 15 months to get his startup off the ground. Today Tim enjoys helping Clear Books, its customers and its growing team innovate and achieve. Tim did his GCE O Levels in Ghana.

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