We’re excited to announce that the Clear Books Mobile app now allows you to snap or upload even more types of receipts and bills. Our innovative system will then scan and extract important information with greater accuracy. It’s a faster and more flexible way to keep copies of all your small business purchases. 

Preview the full feature today to see how you can make small business financial management a breeze. Here’s exactly what’s changed.

Snap and scan more types of receipts and bills

  • Do you receive bills in different page sizes, or with multiple pages? You can now take photos of many document types – even if they’ve got multiple pages! Try it today.

Upload files already saved on your phone

  • Do you receive bills via email or WhatsApp? Simply save them on your phone and upload them to Clear Books Mobile. We’ll scan the bill and extract the date, VAT, total and supplier name for you. 

Extract important information with greater accuracy

We’ve improved the quality of our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. Snap a photo of a receipt and we will extract the date, VAT, total and supplier name more accurately.

You can try these features for free whilst we develop and innovate our new receipt and bill scanning technology. Feel free to use the features and tell us what you think by contacting our friendly support team here

An image of three phones stacked, showing three separate screens.

The Clear Books Mobile app is now more accurate at extracting information, and allows customers to scan or upload bills.

Download the Clear Books Mobile app today

If you’re an Apple user you can download the Clear Books Mobile app today from the Apple App Store. Or, if you’re an Android user download the Clear Books Mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Need help or have any further questions?

If you have questions or need help using any of our features, simply call us on 0203 475 4744 or contact support here . We’re here to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OCR free preview?

Clear Books’ new OCR functionality allows customers to snap photos of receipts and (now) bills using our app. You can preview this functionality for free at this time. Use it to quickly enter data into your Clear Books account.

How will I know when the free preview period is over?

We want to allow customers to try our new feature and have the opportunity to give us feedback. At the moment, this is free. We’ll be in touch with all our subscribers when the free preview ends.

How much will I be charged after my free preview period is over?

Great question! We haven’t set a price for Clear Books’ OCR because we’re listening to customer feedback. We’ll be in touch with pricing options giving you the chance to review the plans before you subscribe.

Is the cost a one-off payment or ongoing?

All our products are sold on subscription, we’re currently listening to customer feedback about the best way to price our OCR features. If you have feedback, feel free to let us know.

Will I be automatically charged for the OCR feature?

We will never charge you without your consent. We will only charge if you proactively opt in to using Clear Books’ OCR after the free preview ends.

Why did only part of my receipt get extracted?

We’ll always try to extract as much as we can, but when we’re not able to read the image taken (in parts or as a whole), we may leave some of the fields blank for you to fill, rather than us making things up.

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