Earlier this year we had a fantastic response when we asked our users to complete the Software Satisfaction Survey to give Clear Books a shot at winning an award in the SME Accounting and Finance category. At the time some 20% of our subscribed users went out of their way to complete the survey. A big thank you to all of you!

We got some fantastic comments about the system which I have pasted below. Additionally, out of a maximum of 4 we scored 3.87 (likelihood to repurchase), 3.83 (likelihood to recommend) and 3.87 (Overall satisfaction with you as a provider). These great scores were well above the benchmark average so we are really pleased.

As ever we have taken on board your feedback and ideas below and will continue to improve the system. Here is what you had to say:

  • I have never used an accounting package before, having had my books on spreadsheets, so it has been refreshing to find the whole transition is not as daunting as I thought it would be!
  • Keep up the good work
  • Not only is the product superb, but the customer service, and in particular the development team behind ClearBooks is everything a 21st century software company could hope for.
  • Excellent site
  • I am very pleased with Clear Books on a number of levels. It’s easy to use and navigate, and is pretty free of accounting jargon – it seems made for laymen like me, not accountants. The thing that I particularly like is the ability to upload statements from my bank or credit card to Clear Books and then it remembers the regular entries which saves hours of inputting receipts each month. When I did my first tax return and saw the calculations all there for me I literally punched the air with pleasure.
  • For single traders like me, it’ well worth the fee as I’m able to spend less time doing admin, so more properly ‘on my business’. I’d been using excel before, but Clear Books also enables me to see a greater picture of how my business is doing each month. I’m a big fan as you can tell! Charlie Snell PS. I know this sounds like Clear Books have written this, but I promise you they haven’t! It’s all genuine and from the heart!
  • Very personal and friendly service.This is key for me.
  • Excellent Online software. I recommend to others often. Would be good to have a contextual help function that could explain what certain things or functions do or mean. Perhaps an ‘idiot’ mode for users like me that you could turn on and off.
  • Clear Books is without doubt the best on-line software I have ever used. I am a total accounting novice and the fact I picked this software up in 10 minutes says everything about this company and their approach to usability. New features, updates and improvements are constantly being added which also proves these guys are not sitting on their laurels! I recommend this software to every small business owner I speak to and I would give the software 10/10 without hesitation. I look forward to being a loyal customer of Clear Books for many years.
  • Good initial online software offering that I hope maintains growth. My client has found it very user friendly and enjoys using it.
  • Off the back of a query I sent to Clear Books, they updated the functionality of their site to allow me to do stuff I couldn’t before – very pleased.
  • Brilliant, way better than Xero and cheaper!
  • Clear Books makes book-keeping a pleasure rather than a necessary evil. Thanks to the bank statement import tool I can prepare by monthly books in under 15 minutes. All small businesses should get Clear Books!
  • I feel they have a good presentation going, the functionality is rather impressive. I remember being stuck for a few months looking for and using some accounting software online but it seemed rather sloppy or unprofessional with it’s lack of tracking software and templating options. Clear Books offered a free trial and for someone like myself who isn’t really great at maths or never really looked into accounting – I managed to pick up Clear Books and felt comfortable with it.I’ve been using it for about 7 months now and have recommended it to a few clients. Definitely sticking with Clear Books for the foreseeable future.
  • Clear Books is a company which goes the extra mile for all its customers. I wish them every success.
  • They deserve it.
  • Support is excellent – you feel like a valued client!
  • Superb product, have been looking around to find a program like this, but it is so easy to use from the internet and saves me the worry of losing files and data.Every time I use it I find out more about my business and where it’s going…Thanks very much to all the Team
  • Great replacement (maybe better) for quickbooks.
  • We love the software – having been using an installed package for the past two years we finally found an online solution that does everything we need, including VAT handling.It saves us lots of time as we can really easily email invoices, send reminders, and have multiple users interact with the database either from the office or on the move.It strikes a great balance between functionality and simplicity.
  • Keep up the good work!
  • The product itself is superb.
  • Using Clear Books accounting system has definitely reduced my work load, and improved my functionality.
  • Regular updates by email are extremely helpful. Perhaps the addition of some ‘how to’s’ on the website would be useful as being a non-bookkeeper sometimes trickier transactions lead me to need some more assistance.Generally very happy with the software as it is a lot easier to use than others I have tried and also the monthly payment plan suits the small business owner. Thanks ClearBooks!
  • ClearBooks is relatively new and as such still has room to grow and be more feature rich. However, the four key reasons why I already recommend it to colleagues and customers are:1) Ease of use2) Operating System independent (I use it on Mac, Windows, and even on my iPhone)3) Value for money – especially ability to use it free at a basic level4) Really friendly, honest and helpful support and customer service. As the old saying goes – people do business with people, not with companies.
  • ClearBooks has great people that I enjoy doing business with.
  • The best UK accounting package by far.
  • Clear Books removes accounting from the self propagated mystical world of the accountants and puts it in the domain of the people who need the information on a daily basis run to run a business .
  • Although the system is in development the Clear Books team are extremely open to suggestion and you get very positive feedback and a feeling that your comments are being listened to. I wish them every success.
  • Keep up the great work – no problems thus far
  • Clear Books is an ideal book-keeping system for small business owners. Having a system online is perfect for helping clients to solve problems and also to keep an eye on how clients are progressing with their books. I have recommended Clear Books several times already and I will continue to do so as it is great value for money. The only reservation is that it misses some functionality that an Accountant would expect such as journal templates, a complete nominal transaction listing and a bank reconciliation tool.
  • Clear Books are always willing to listen to our suggestions are extra facilities.
  • I have always found them very helpful. Three of my clients have already signed up with Clear Books at my recommendation, and are very happy that they made the move.
  • It’s a great concept and it basically does what it is meant to do, just not very slickly. It just needs speeding up and lots of little practical things sorting out. For example navigating around it is quite and sometimes frustrating as it always reverts to the default settings which are not very ergonomic.
  • It’s not perfect… yet but is the best I’ve found and since you are always improving I am sure that it will soon be perfect 😉
  • Had been looking for something like Clear Books for a long time – simple to use, scaleable, great to be able to submit VAT returns though them and has saved us a lot of time as a business. Very impressed.
  • One systems failure was dealt with quickly and the issue was communicated properly to customers.
  • Looking forward to being able to use it from my iPhone.
  • The customer service and feedback is superb – really quick and personal. The software is also always being developed. Some of the functions are a little long-winded to use and what would be useful is a ‘how would you change this page’ option as I want to make feedback, but never quite have the time. Overall though an excellent product which has massively improved our accounting records and chasing of debtors!
  • The only fault with Clear Books is the support system in my opinion. About a year ago when we first started using it we were able to get answers to problems the same day, quite often in minutes. At the moment it seems that problems or questions can go ignored for days at a time.
  • Very friendly product to use, could do with some more flexibility around customising invoices etc and Bank reconciliation would be a major win but overall a million times better than what we used before 🙂
  • Staff always there when you ring, questions answered in clear non-accountant format, and compared with other accounting software programs which are available in the market, Clear Books is like a Mac operating system, its treats you like an adult, compared with a Windows operating system (which most other accounting software programs run on, ) like a child.
  • An amazing piece of software that allows me to run 4 businesses from one office. The help centre are pleasant to deal with and respond very fast to my quires.
  • Clear Books has made a huge difference to our business. We have real-time information online which our accountant maintains. But it means that a number of departments can contribute to maintaining the books and senior management knows exactly what is going on at any time. Superb software.
  • Everyone at Clear Books has and are responsive, courteous and very helpful. Oh and they solve my queries as well…Excellent support and product
  • Keep up the good work Tim & co! Paul
  • Very good software helped my business to maintain the accountsWe look to have the feature of discounts when we raise the invoices to the customers as it is missing now And if they include the inventory stock it will be great
  • Any queries are dealt with quickly and even improvement suggestions are taken seriously.
  • Felt slightly disheartened when the telephone support option disappeared when I became a paying customer.Didn’t have much luck finding an accountant in the London area that could help with set up.
  • it would be very good to be able to have a section for a straight forward letter system showing company heading as sometimes i have to write a letter for email/land mail then all records are kept in one place within my customer section along with quotes and estimates and also a spell checker system along with a font and colour change section for highlighting.
  • Clear Books although a young company have ticked all the right boxes for me. The friendliness of the staff and their quick response to any queries is a breath of fresh air. Nothing seems to be a problem.
  • I like their approach to continuous improvement too. I will continue to let my friends know them and I hope to continue with Clear books in the future.

Posted by Tim Fouracre

Tim founded Clear Books in 2008. Like many small business owners he worked from home for 15 months to get his startup off the ground. Today Tim enjoys helping Clear Books, its customers and its growing team innovate and achieve. Tim did his GCE O Levels in Ghana.

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