Work experience doesn’t mean that you are wasting your time. It is a special gap in your life where you have the opportunity to do something that you want to do in your life.

I came to the UK from Slovakia (EU) in September 2010 to improve my knowledge of the business world here. I will be here until December.

I wanted to learn about how various accounting systems work in the UK. I am therefore working for Clear Books as an intern. I have been learning lots of things about business in the UK.

I am enjoying my time here because I am learning lots about good team work. Clear Books is a young company. We collectively discuss how to make Clear Books better every day. I feel very welcome here. I want to learn more about online accounting and its future, as I think it is the way forward for everyone.

I am surprised at how easy it is to establish a new company in the UK. Institutes are very helpful for starting up your own business. There are lots of possibilities and achievable goals.  Also the education system here is of such a high level. For example, you can take a course to qualify as a fitness instructor. As soon as you have completed your course you are in a position to set up your own business and market yourself within that particular industry.

I am surprised that not everyone runs their own company … 🙂

Being here in the UK and working as an intern has opened many opportunities for me. It has helped me improve my language. I have also been able to build on my professional knowledge and skills. I am also gaining valuable insight into different employers and career options – and I am making new friends!

I already have a small shop selling health and fitness products in Slovakia. My experience in the UK has inspired me to run my business the same way successful businesses are run in UK by improving in the following areas: organisation, team work and reliable services.

I now have a  more professional and a better vision of my business. I am looking forward to taking this new vision back to Slovakia and applying it to my business.

Posted by Alex Evans

Alex joined Clear Books as a developer in late 2011, and has been working hard to make running your business easier ever since.