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02Apr 13

Being the best versus making your customers the best

Clear Books has just been through the process of choosing software to project manage our development work better. It highlighted a really powerful marketing message.

We did not seek the best project management software. We wanted the project management software that would make our developers more efficient and more organised. I.e. the project management software that would help make our development team the best so that we can make better accounting software.

Which of the two marketing messages is more powerful?

1. Subscribe to Clear Books because we are the world’s best online accounting software.

2. Subscribe to Clear Books because we will help make your company the best accounting practice/best digital media agency/best small business/best [insert your industry].

  • James Benson

    So what project management software did you end up using?
    I use codebaseHQ personally and love it.

    • Tim Fouracre

      We’ve tried PivotalTracker, Jira/Grasshopper, Trello, post it notes, Google docs. Nothing has worked quite the way we want it so we’re still on the look out! Not seen codebaseHQ before so will check it out.

      • Mike Martin

        I personally like Jira/Greenhopper can be good if you customise the work flows, but the agile board display is somewhat lacking – I like the left-to-right scrum / kanban wall.

        Have you considered ?

        • Tim Fouracre

          Hi Mike – not seen that before. Looks good.

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