Clear Books’ innovative Micro product is an online spreadsheet that makes it easy for small businesses to record sales and expenses. The spreadsheet links seamlessly with Clear Books Practice Edition; our feature-rich and MTD-ready online accounting software for Accountants

Launched in early 2018, Clear Books Micro has been road-tested by Beta users who gave the feedback that more ‘spreadsheet features’ were needed. Our development team have been working hard on actioning that feedback and we are delighted to launch 3 brand new features. They are;

1. Automatically sum columns

  • See the sum or total of each column
  • It automatically updates – no need to adjust formulas or make manual adjustments
  • Sums are available on sales, expenditure and receipts tabs

2. Sort the information in the order you prefer

  • Sort your information in ascending or descending order
  • Simply click the column title to apply
  • One click ascends, two clicks descends and three removes the sort all together

3. Filter to see what’s most important

  • Filter out information from any view
  • To show the filter menu, simply click the arrow in the column header
  • Apply multiple filters at once (e.g. unpaid invoices and over 30 days of age)

Log into your Clear Books Micro account, or start a trial today to use these new features!

Posted by Clear Books