Hot on the tails of our September product enhancements, we have announced another round of feature releases for the Clear Books Micro online spreadsheet. The October update provides a choice of two ‘views’ in Clear Books Micro – one which suits cash-based businesses who wish to explain bank transactions.

View one: Sales invoices, bank and bills

Clear Books Micro View 1

Our three tab layout (sales invoices, bank and bills) is the default view in Clear Books Micro. It allows users to create sales invoices and bills, and to allocate cash flows to them. It’s suited to businesses that raise invoices and get paid once they deliver a good or service. This view will be switched on automatically in your account.

View two: Bank only

Clear Books Micro View 2

The single tab layout (bank only) is new. You can now choose to hide the sales invoices and bills tabs, so that you see the bank tab only. This allows you to explain the bank transactions line-by-line. If you run a cash-based businesses like a cafe or retail store, this view could suit you.

How to switch on the bank receipt only view

It’s easy to switch to the new layout.

Step 1: Visit the settings tab in Clear Books Micro
Step 2: Select Toggle features from the submenu
Step 3: Uncheck the checkbox to disable sales invoices and bills tabs

If you don’t like the new view, don’t worry. You can switch back to the default at any time by reversing the process.

If you have any questions about Clear Books Micro or the views, please contact support or call 0203 475 4744.

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