Ready to spring back after the last couple of years have left your business feeling low on energy?

Capitalise’s new Get fit for business report tracks just how fit UK businesses are feeling. And gives you insight into how your business can leap for growth this year. 

The report isn’t just about healthy numbers. It’s about healthy people and healthy relationships too. And how these work together to create healthier businesses. 

After two years of lockdowns and remote working, Capitalise aims to help you discover a healthier way to do business. You can expect advice from the likes of Derrick Evans (AKA Mr Motivator) as well as research data from small business leaders including Paul Surtees and Emma Jones.

Download the full report now or read on for a sneak peak of what you can expect. 

Healthy People

With leaders focusing on keeping their teams motivated and businesses flourishing through the lockdowns, we found that many sacrificed their own wellbeing in the process. 

In fact, 75% of small business leaders admitted that the last couple of years have been incredibly stressful. With the ever-changing ways of working taking a mental and physical toll on them. 

Many leaders said they’d focused on staying strong in the face of unpredictability, with 75% saying that they actively hid their stress from their workforce. Whilst at the same time focused on increasing the investment in their teams wellbeing. 

Of those surveyed, almost a third admitted that keeping their staff motivated was their biggest concern. 

Capitalise is aware of the immense pressure that small business leaders face. And has offered insightful research into how you can continue looking after your team without neglecting your own health and wellbeing. 

With an understanding that people are the backbone of successful businesses, the report will help you discover ways to keep your business happy and healthy. To improve overall business health and productivity. 

With business insights as well as fitness tips from the one and only Mr Motivator (the UK’s favourite health and wellbeing coach), don’t miss out.

Find out more about how to create healthy people in your workplace. 

Healthy Relationships

Although the pandemic may have made it more difficult to shake hands and catch up over coffee. Capitalise found that the past couple of years has forced business leaders to adapt and create new ways to build old and new connections. 

Capitalise research found that 64% of leaders wanted to talk to other business leaders about their shared experiences and challenges. Meaning there’s never been a better time to build relationships, connect and compare notes.  

With a huge focus on how healthy relationships are a key part of building a successful business, the report focuses on insights into better networking and who you can lean on. Expect discussions on small business networks and how 66% of business leaders consider accountants as their “most trusted” adviser”.

Find out why and read more here.

Healthy numbers

The Capitalise report highlights how you can seek more transparency and control over your finances. Of those surveyed, 49% of small business leaders said they wanted to better manage their cash flow and 38% wanted to get better at tracking their financial health.

With constant developments and changes in finance options and government funding schemes, Capitalise wants to help you understand your business finance and get financially fitter this year. 

Financial fitness is all about regularly checking your credit score and being aware of the impact it has on your business growth plans. In the report, you’ll get insight into how other business leaders are feeling about their financial fitness and what they’re doing to drive healthier numbers in 2022. 

If you want to get your business fit with healthier numbers that help you win contracts, negotiate with suppliers and achieve your goals, read the report here. 

Ready, set, download

Capitalise’s report is all about understanding the pressures small businesses have been through, and using this experience and determination to spring back and leap for growth. 

With the goal to help you discover a healthier way to do business, the report highlights the importance of healthy people, healthy relationships and healthy numbers to help you get fit for business.

If 2022 feels like your year, download the report here for free.

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