At Clear Books we enjoy collaboration, whether it be through working with our partners, or integrating our services with third-parties – collaboration benefits everyone. Last month we rolled out the new invoice theming system, which allows you to completely customise your invoices to look exactly how you want them to look, and today we are pleased to announce the launch of the Invoice Themes Directory. We launch the theme directory with four themes to choose from: ‘Hello Pink’, ‘3rd Blue’, ‘IM Fell English’ and the old invoice design known as the ‘Classic’ theme.

The Invoice Themes Directory enables users to share their invoice theme designs and provides a place to showcase their talents and services to the thousands of other businesses using Clear Books. To publish a theme to the directory, navigate to your existing themes by going to ‘Settings > Invoices > Themes’, and simply click “Publish” and confirm. Your theme is now available everyone to use. Please note: that once a theme has been published it cannot be unpublished, and any changes you make to the design of the theme after you have published it will be reflected in the published version as well.

To add a theme listed in the directory to your available themes simply click the plus icon next to the theme. A copy will be made of the theme and added to your account. You are free to edit the theme in anyway you want, it won’t affect the published version in anyway as the two are completely separate records.

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