What was your background before you started your practice?

I worked in a couple of practices whilst training in Chorley and Preston. However, I had a change of career in between as a DJ, music producer and nightclub promoter. I think this change of career gave me a lot of experience in the real world of business which I’ve definitely applied to our accountancy practice.

What services do you offer?

We offer a variety including accounts, tax, bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and business consultancy services including business planning, forecasts, budgets and Virtual FD.

Do you specialise in any particular industry?

We don’t advertise a particular area, however we look after a lot of customers in the building trade. We also have a selection of music industry based customers, limited company contractors, mechanics and hairdressers.

What makes your practice unique?

We offer a really personal service offering to solve most, if not all, of our customers problems. We are always looking forward at new technologies and services which can make ours, and more importantly, our customers lives easier.

Where are you based?


What areas do you cover?

The Northwest


Phone: 01257368963


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